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Peak Hold Scale

Many industries use Peak Hold in their quality control process. Peak Hold is when weight or force is applied to determine the highest amount of force a product can withstand. Maintaining a consistent specification in production results in cost savings, increased safety, and minimizes exposure to product liability litigation. Peak Hold allows for maximum sensitivity and accurate weight or force readings too quick for the eye to see and because it is digitally held, a displayed peak value will not decay or drift.

Common applications for Peak Hold are found in:
Packaging Industry – Testing the amount of weight that boxes or other packaging material can absorb while protecting their contents.

Pharmaceutical Industry – Testing the amount of weight to crush pills.

Plastics and Rubber Industry – Stretching rubber or plastic products to determine tensile strength.

Peak Hold is typically thought of a force measurement gauge application and while this may be the most common solution to this application, the Doran scales and indicators with the Peak Hold feature have several important advantages and benefits:

• Many products that require this type of testing are of a physical size, shape or weight that are beyond the capabilities of traditional force gauges. The best or only solution is a scale or indicator and platform configuration.

• By the very nature of this type of application the equipment used is subjected to punishing forces. The Doran heavy-duty construction, Quad Spring overload protection have been proven in thousands of demanding real world applications.

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Ohaus Aviator 7000 Scale Landing At A Farmers Market Near You

Recently, we received word that Ohaus was going to be upgrading their retail scale lineup and replacing the RE and RA series. Below is a summary of the new scale and a link on where to purchase the new digital price computing scale.

The Ohaus Aviator 7000 retail scale has been conceived to offer optimum quality versus price in order to guarantee the robustness, operating speed and accuracy you need, whatever your retail environment. The Light-Touch layer keyboard is setting standards thanks to its fast operation, easy cleaning and cost efficiency, while the large 4-line LCD including separate tare line makes daily tasks simple. For secure and easy transportation the Aviator 7000 includes practical design features such as Ergo grips and integrated cable storage. In addition it offers POS protocol support. Overall the Aviator 7000 offers you a complete package of features rarely seen on an entry level price-computing scale. Below are a few of the key ingredients that make the Ohaus Aviator 7000 a winner.  Click here to see the entire article.

Aviator 7000 is available as a compact or tower display model. Both models are available in the following dual weighing ranges

OPTION 1 (30 lb max) = 15 x 0.005 lb / 30 x 0.01 lb 
OPTION 2 (60 lb max) = 30 x 0.01 lb / 60 x 0.02 lb. 

Ergo Grips Two ergonomic grips on the lower side of the scale combined with its light net weight make it extremely easy to transport. 

Mobile Business Through Battery Support For complete mobility, the scale can be powered by rechargeable NiMH batteries or standard alkaline D-cell commercial batteries at the flip of a switch. 

POS protocol support enables the user to connect an external printer or a POS. Thanks to this printer interface, accumulating, printing sales and log reports are standard features of the Aviator 7000.

Class III NTEP Certified Legal for Trade Scale Requirements

Often you will see NTEP Legal for Trade Class III listed as the approval of a digital scale. But, what exactly does Class III mean? Handbook 44, the book that spells out rules and regulations for the weighing industry, separates weighing devices into five accuracy classes. Depending on the number and value of scale divisions, equipment can be either class I, II, III, IIIL, or IIII, with Class I having the highest precision. All Legal-for-Trade scales fall under one of these five classes.

Table 7a of Handbook 44 breaks down the description of each class. Class III states: "All commercial weighing not otherwise specified, grain test scales, retail precious metals and semi-precious gem weighing, animal scales, postal scales, vehicle on-board weighing systems with a capacity less than or equal to 30,000 lb, and scales used to determine laundry charges."

So what it's saying is basically anything that doesn’t fall elsewhere would go in class 3.  Providing the device meets the basic criteria for the quantity and size of divisions. Class III actually covers many different types of scales. Retail scales would be one type of Class III application. While some jewelry scales are Class III if the resolution is appropriate for the application, a more precise jewelry scale could be Class II. It all depends on the number of divisions and capacity. Precision laboratory devices fall under Class I.
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Scale Weight Indicator That Collects Data On USB Thumb Drive

Cardinal Scale's new USB-A option card offers customers exciting new connectivity possibilities! The 2XX-USBA is compatible with Cardinal Scale indicator model numbers 205, 210, 212G, and 225 indicators and provides you with two USB-A ports and one micro SD port. Both USB ports and the micro SD port may all be used simultaneously. For instance, a USB drive may be recording transactions while the other USB port is connected to a 101 keyboard at the same time that a micro SD card is storing IDs. See more by clicking here.

Here is another example to consider. With one 4GB flash drive, you could literally collect millions of weight transactions using the Cardinal Scale digital weight indicator. Then once you’re ready to view the transactions, you remove the flash drive and take a look at the CSV file on your computer. It’s easy to add titles to the columns and sum the weight column to determine the total amount of weight that you’ve weighed over a period of time.

These Cardinal Scale digital weight indicators can be connected and calibrated to many different types of weighing systems and scales in the market today.  If you've done any research on sending weight data to the PC you know that there are options out there. But, most provide data collection software in real time and need the ability to connect the scale to your company network typically through an Ethernet connection. Those are certainly good systems but, if you’re just looking for the ability to collect weight data that can easily be collected on a USB thumb drive and then inserted into your PC, then you need to take a look at the Cardinal Scale product line for a simple solution. Once you insert the USB flash drive into your computer, you can analyze and manipulate the data as you see fit using Excel spreadsheet software which most everyone seems to have these days.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

We hope all our readers have a wonderful holiday season and new year.

Scale Indicator Capable Of Sending Email Alerts

Cardinal Scale leads the weighing industry with their USA-made digital weight indicator product line. Cardinal’s weight indicators provide easy, convenient scale operation and accurate, reliable measurements. From basic truck scale weighing to complex process automation, Cardinal Scale has a weight indicator for your application. Cardinal Scale’s 825 Spectrum weight indicator can send automatic e-mail alerts through an Ethernet connection to the client’s internal SMTP e-mail server for submission to up to three recipients per scale. The 825 features up to 10 scale inputs per indicator by installing additional option cards to the multiple slots available, and each of the scales connected has completely-individual configuration for the e-mail alerts. Originally programmed for a company to use with a series of tank scales, this 825 custom application allows users to receive instant notification on stocking levels, such as when it’s time to order refills.

Easy set-up for this application is enabled through the 825′s touchscreen LCD and QWERTY keyboard where users may assign the e-mail address the alerts are sent from, which also acts as a return address (any address may be configured). There are four preset weights available per scale for user-definable targets such as Over, Accept, Under (Reorder), and Extremely Low, which may be labeled whatever the user chooses.

E-mail alerts may be assigned for up to three of the presets per scale. For instance, e-mail alerts might be sent for Over, Under, (Reorder), and Extremely Low, but not for the unnecessary Accept weight status. Additionally, up to three recipients per scale may receive each e-mail alert via separate e-mail addresses.

Real World Examples

Recently, engineers at Ohaus came up with a win-win solution for the environment and municipalities' budgets in the form of a moisture analyzer that would improve the measurement accuracy of released wastewater and reduce the costs of the treatment process.

The product is the OHAUS MB Series Moisture Analyzer, which combines state-of-the-art halogen heating with highly accurate weighing technology to revolutionize the process of determining solids content and ensuring compliance with regulations. With a minimal investment, the moisture analyzers have helped several wastewater and treatment facilities in New York and New Jersey by vastly improving speed, accuracy and reliability.

Basically the moisture analyzer helps treatment facilities get total solids analysis of sludge during the dewatering process. Accuracy is important and since the moisture analyzers are easier to use than traditional methods, human error is reduced.

How The Process Works During the treatment process, wastewater is tested numerous times for solids percentage. When using traditional heating ovens, solids percentage testing can be incredibly time consuming and inefficient, taking up to several hours to complete a single test. At the facilities in New York and New Jersey where the traditional ovens were replaced with OHAUS MB Series Moisture Analyzers, the process for testing a sample is now accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

moisture balance

The MB series can be easily and efficiently used at numerous points throughout the testing process to determine the effectiveness of the thickening process and dewatering of the sludge. Testing can be completed in batch processing before the wastewater/sludge is moved to each of the next steps. In the overall treatment process, this kind of continuous process testing enabled by the MB Series ensures the most accurate readings and safe levels of solids content for digestion by plant and animal life throughout the environment. Testing during the dewatering process ensures the sludge will meet the solids content minimums for landfill disposal or use as a fertilizer. To optimize accuracy, all testing and weighing occurs inside the heating chamber of the MB Series, which is protected from cross drafts and other outside factors.

Unlike conventional ovens that force the user to remove the sample to be weighed, the end result when using the MB Series is immediately recorded so that environmental moisture does not re-enter the sample, skewing the results. The MB Series also provides uniformed infrared halogen heating up to 200°C, readability up to 1mg, 0.01% moisture and a 45g capacity. The ability to measure smaller samples also increases the MB Series' effectiveness in providing more accurate results of test samples.

Additional Benefit of Cost Savings By incorporating the MB Series into their treatment process, Wastewater Treatment Plants also have been able to significantly reduce their bottom lines. In addition to costing less and needing less repair and service than traditional ovens, the increased accuracy provided by the MB Series enables wastewater and treatment facilities to better remove unneeded, excess water from the dry solid waste they transport. The reduction in water lessens the weight of the load thereby reducing the cost of transportation.

Unlike large laboratory ovens, the MB Series can escape the confines of the lab and be used throughout the plant or facility and essentially take up significantly less space then an oven or conventional microwave heating chamber. Most importantly; however, the MB Series Moisture Analyzers optimize the efficiency of the treatment process, even during significant flow events.

Load Cell Kits

We often mention load cells from time to time since they are usually an important part of many weighing systems. In today's article we would like to discuss the load cell kit. Cardinal Scale offers load cell kits in a variety of styles and capacities for use in both indoor and outdoor weighing applications. Each load cell kit is designed to hold up in the most rugged conditions, ensuring secure weighing and accurate measurements every time. Hydraulic load cell kits are ideal for hopper weighing with Cardinal's floor-stand hopper scales and offer the highest level of shock protection because no electrical power is required within the scale itself. Select models such as the SW Stretch Wrapper load cell kit are environmentally sealed for use in harsh conditions and feature a self-aligning load cell assembly for convenient stretch wrapper weighing. From tank weighing to seed tender weighing, Cardinal's load cell kits are made in the USA and offer the highest levels of reliability and durability available today. Let's take a look below at some of the Cardinal load cell kits that are currently available.

AG Bar Agricultural
These farm scales feature American-made quality construction, durable steel alloy, polyurethane sheathed cables, potted sealed strain gauges, potted sealed strain gauges protected by steel shroud, protects against rain, snow, dust, mud, easy installation, each kit comes with 4 load cells, mounting pads, 30 feet of load cell cable with connector. 3,000 lb, 30,000 lb and 72,000 lb capacities available.

Ball Pivot Stands
Features American-made mild or stainless steel construction, multiple load cell weighing system for liquid tank applications, stainless steel ball, for use with three-cell triangle or four-cell vertical and horizontal systems, low profile, accurate, economical at half cost of traditional systems. 20,000 lb capacity.

CBCS Electronic
Features American-made steel load cell stand, easy to install, low profile, environmentally-sealed, stainless steel load cells, self-centering load buttons, ideal for floor mounted tank or hopper scales. Available in 3 or 4 cell systems in capacities ranging from 330 to 1,600 lbs.

CenterPoint Self-Checking
Features American-made stainless steel construction, center-load double-ended shear beam load cells, environmentally-sealed to weather all conditions, precision engineering, three or four legged mounting assemblies, bolt-in place design, articulating top plate, mild or stainless steel stands, self-checking sliding pin. Capacities range from 7,500 to 200,000 lbs.

GTSC Hydraulic
Features American-made hydraulic load cells, stainless steel construction, model GHT hydraulic totalizer, copper tubing to place totalizer up to 20 feet from edge of deck, base plates, leveling bolts, anchor bolts, load buttons, load plates, and accessory kit. NTEP legal-for-trade (consult factory). Variety of kit sizes available. System capacities range from 25 to 300 tons.

Hydraulic Ball Pivot Stands
Features American-made stainless steel hydraulic load cells, ball pivot stands, totalizer sized for the system, 20-feet of copper tubing for each load cell, mild steel stands and checking system. Longest lasting load cells on the market, which carry a true lifetime warranty. Capacities available from 7,500 to 400,000 lbs.

SBCS Electronic
Features USA-made mild or stainless steel constructed stand, for use with Cardinal SB series self-checking shear beam load cells only (cell not included), lower load cell mounting plate, upper mounting plate, hardened steel load button, bolts and lock washers for securing load cell to stand. Capacities range from 2,500 to 20,000 lbs.

SW Stretch Wrapper
This is an interesting product. The Cardinal Stretch Wrapper and Baler load cell mounting kits come with four or six load cells, articulating feet, stainless steel summation junction box and 30 feet of load cell cable. Incorporating Cardinal’s environmentally-sealed, waterproof SB beam type load cells, each system has a capacity of 10,000 or 15,000 lbs depending on the number of load cells. Rapid, accurate weighing translates into optimum performance in any operation, and Cardinal’s load cell package helps you reach that goal. This kit provides you with the latest in weighing technology. Cardinal’s unique load cell assembly is self-aligning and environmentally sealed for those less-than-perfect locations. A complete kit for floor-mounted stretch wrappers, balers, or conveyors.

TBCS Electronic
Features American-made mild or stainless steel construction, three or four stand assemblies, stainless steel TB series load cells, stands, and a stainless steel junction box for complete tank/hopper weighing. System capacities vary based on number of cells from 3,000 to 16,000 lbs.

THBC Electronic
Features American-made mild or stainless steel construction, three or four stand assemblies, stainless steel SB or DB series load cells, and a stainless steel junction box. System capacities vary based on number of cells from 7,500 lbs to 120 tons.

THTC Suspension
Cardinal American-made tension load cell assembly kits are ideal for any new or existing suspension hopper application. Each kit comes complete with either 3 or 4 stainless steel tension load cells, necessary mild steel linkage, load cell cable and stainless steel junction box for a swift, easy installation. Stainless steel load cells are sealed for water protection and are supplied with ball joint rod ends that are equipped with Teflon isolators for lightning protection. Capacities range from 750 to 80,000 lbs.

If you feel any of these load cell kits might work for a particular application in your business, give the sales team at Central Carolina Scale a call at 919-776-7737 to request a quote on the exact items that you need. In addition to the load cells, they also carry a wide selection of Cardinal digital weight indicators and digital scales as well.

Product Spotlight: Cardinal ARMOR®Truck Scale

Not too long ago Cardinal Scale Manufacturing announced a new “brand name” for its popular line of EPR truck scales. With many popular name-brand products, such as the GUARDIAN® hydraulic scales, STORM indicators, and SnapStream wireless applications, it was time to give a brand name to the most popular Cardinal heavy capacity product of all. As the EPR truck scale series has evolved into the cornerstone of Cardinal’s business, it needed a name that best suits the heavy-duty scale that it actually is.

So, the EPR series scales is now known as the ARMOR® series for all electronic truck scale products. What better name to put on a product that bests represents the quality and longevity of a Cardinal truck scale.

Cardinal ARMOR® Truck Scale Features
USA-made stainless steel load cells and junction box
Single source supplier for all optional equipment such as weight indicators, remote displays, and software
Concrete or steel deck models
Optional grain dump modules
NTEP legal-for-trade up to 14 ft. wide
Anti-corrosion industrial tan powder paint complements any environment
Arrives fully-prepared for installation

Arriving at the most opportune time for the busy upcoming truck scale buying season, Cardinal Scale has added yet another series of scales to the ARMOR® series products. You now have two competitive choices in ARMOR®, designed to meet the varying needs of the industry. The new 100-ton overall capacity/30-ton Concentrated Load Capacity ARMOR® truck scale includes all the great features of the 45-ton CLC model for the value-rated price you may require for certain applications. From stainless steel USA-made load cells and rodent protection to robotic-welded bridges, this new scale is everything you expect from a Cardinal ARMOR® Truck Scale. The 30-ton CLC models are designed for normal legal over-the-road trucks. Put on the ARMOR® of Cardinal and purchase a scale that will provide many years of great service to your business.

Detecto D15, D30, & D60 Price Computing Scales Now Available!

Detecto's low-profile D series price computing scales offer up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs for fast reference (14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs). The D series displays Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price on the front and rear backlit LCDs (up to six 0.5-in/13-mm high digits) for both the operator and customer to view simultaneously. The scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery pack and 110/120VAC 50/60 Hz adapter (included) for reliable use at farmers markets, delis, bakeries, candy and coffee shops, convenience stores, produce markets, and hardware stores. Auto Shut-off, Sleep, and Back light Off modes extend the retail scale’s battery life.

The NTEP legal-for-trade scale Pre-Pack key saves time by retaining the Unit Price and Tare for repetitive price computing, making the operator’s job even faster. Features adjustable, nonskid feet and bubble level. Effective immediately, the D series will replace the now-obsolete DS series product line. Pricing for the D series remains the same as the DS scales. Additionally, the Detecto D series scale offers some exciting new features to provide you with even more retail efficiency, such as 99 PLUs and up to six digits on the LCD display for Unit Price and Total Price. The NTEP legal-for-trade scale's Pre-Pack key saves time by retaining the Unit Price and Tare for repetitive price computing, making the operator's job even faster. Adjustable, nonskid feet and internal bubble level ensure steady and accurate weighing, plus a beep provides audible confirmation of key presses.

Weighing capacities range from 15 lb x 0.005 lb / 6 kg x 0.002 kg up to 60 lb x 0.02 lb / 30 kg x 0.01 kg. The high-grade, molded polymer enclosure with color-coded sealed membrane keypad and lift-off, wash-down stainless steel platform make cleaning easy.


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